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Whether you want to sell soon or just know the current value of your business asset, your Value Builder Score gives you a quantifiable valuation and shows how you can maximize your ROI now or in the future. Take the 13-minute survey below and receive an initial report on the Eight Key Drivers of Business Value based on industry benchmarks. We’ll go over your summary report with you highlighting key areas where you can add value to your business.

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What if everything you know about selling your company is wrong? Give Afferion the chance to explain our strategic approach to maximizing your return on investment (and to unlock the power of selling your company twice!).

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We are obsessed with selling partner firms for maximum ROI.

It is our belief that Experience Provides Solutions and our executive team members are experts in the fields in which they focus on.

Understanding Our Obsession With Private Equity (And How It Can Make You Millions!)

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Afferion has a unique system we utilize to sell our partner firms.

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